What does your office signage say about you?.


Your office signage is like dressing for a first date, get it right & the skies the limit.

Ok, so it isn’t really like a first date but it’s the first thing a potential client will see of your business outside of the standard phone call, email or website, so it does need to look inspiring.

Don’t think it matters to you? (check out the video) to see the possibilities.

A high-end reception sign conveys an overlook of professionalism which instils trust, attention to detail and also looks aesthetically pleasing to clients & staff.

There are “Rolls Royce” options for reception signs but even cost effective 3D letters are such a small investment compared to the long-term benefits of communicating your brand to anyone.

Below is a breakdown of the “Rolls Royce” of reception signs we produced & installed in a Melbourne CBD office.

There were 3D printed logos, LED signs & illuminated reception signs, window prints, privacy frosting, wall images & even synthetic grass!

Project objectives:

To produce & recommend suitable materials & installation methods from a design studio brief, that was bold, fun & designed to stimulate innovative thinking. With many visitors & staff working from this location, it was important that eNett’s brand elements were communicated to look & feel super “high end” with a dash of creativity & fun!.

The materials:

With a large mix of different materials including painting, internal wall images, stencilled wall lettering, synthetic grass to the staff breakout areas, sport themed bean bags, window frosting, window prints, 3D logos & a reception sign that incorporated the latest 3D printing & LED technology.

The challenge:

Production & installation within a tight turnaround can produce problems with eNett vacating one premise and entering the new one very quickly. With so many elements involved including sign removal & relocation, painting, wall prints, window films & frosting, desk branding, 3d logos & office reception signage this called for a firm timeline with dependencies across all trades to ensure a smooth transition & minimal disruption to the company & its employees.

We were able to complete the task at hand within the specified timeframe with exceptional results.

The highlight: reception sign build.

  • Custom fabricated aluminium box with flush fit side returns & cutaways top & bottom of the panel to allow the pink LED light through.
  • Finished in satin black 2pac paint finish
  • Intracut face panel mounted with 25mm opal acrylic lettering.
  • 3D printed logo icons @ 35mm deep, wrapped in 3M 180c & 1080 gloss laminate
  • Front lit logo & lettering with bright white LEDS

Our favourite was the custom pink backlighting wired with adjustable dimmers so the client could adjust the brightness.

The result:

We all agree the result has been nothing short of outstanding, fresh, colourful and inspiring for the team & office environment. We have since completed further projects for the client which have been even more creative & fun.!

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