Window Frosting in Melbourne

Add light filled privacy or a splash of colour to the areas that matter

Boldly define your interior spaces

Need privacy or WOW factor on your windows? From boardrooms, office areas & breakout rooms window frost is an excellent way to create privacy in the areas that matter while giving your windows that sleek & modern look.

Plain, etch cut, printed & bespoke window frosting films, we can Incorporate any designs, illustrations, images or company branding to enhance your office environment.

Working with the most innovative team of designers & installers allows us to bring your windows to life to be eye catching & impressive.
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Boldly define your interior spaces

Need privacy or WOW factor on your windows? From boardrooms, office areas & breakout rooms window frost is an excellent way to create privacy in the areas that matter while giving your windows that sleek & modern look.

Plain, etch cut, printed & bespoke glass frosting films, we can Incorporate any designs, illustrations, images or company branding to enhance your office environment.

Working with the most innovative team of designers & installers allows us to bring your windows to life to be eye catching & impressive.

Melbourne’s premier sign makers are the number one choice for window frosting.

Whether you are looking for window frosting in Melbourne to add privacy to the boardroom, or to extend your brand awareness on glass spaces in your building, LF Signs have a range of options to suit your budget and your imagination.

Here at LF Signs, we pride ourselves on giving great advice to help you and your brand find the perfect signs and designs – with over 50 years of combined experience and trade qualifications on our team; we have the knowledge to not only help you with installation but also design.

Why choose frosted window film?

Having a light, airy workplace is important to many companies, giving their employees a bright office or retail space in order to get the best out of them. Using glass partitions and large glass windows as part of the design of the workplace is an excellent way to increase natural light – important for wellbeing and happiness.

However, the downside of all that glass can be that privacy is a concern. If you have a board room, hold regular meetings that need a degree of privacy or want to provide your staff with a ‘break out’ space that is removed from the working area, then adding window frosting is a great way to maintain the balance of light and privacy.

We have the technology and experience to create window frosting in Melbourne that can add design elements and brand awareness to your workspace.

Modern, Sleek and Private – Window Frosting from LF Signs

You can choose window film that is plain, etch cut or printed – with a fully customisable, bespoke design. Perhaps you have a brand board, with images, colours and fonts already prepared, or a logo that you love. We can take that branding and create window frosting that follows your designs.

However, we also have a team of skilled designers who can work with you to create a brand image that fully reflects your business and values – because we know that your signage should be something that you love to look at – with no compromise.

Our trade qualified installation teams come to you, and we use only trusted brands of window frosting film, so you know that not only will you get an amazing product, but you are backed by our full warranty and our ‘fix it for free’ guarantee – if you aren’t completely happy, we will come and fix it – fast, and free.

Overcoming Window Problems with Window Frosting Melbourne

The main purpose of glass windows is to let natural light into the property while at the same time providing views of the exterior. Windows, however, can sometimes create problems and solutions are required to overcome them.

One of the best ways to deal with many of the problems is to install quality frosted window films. This can provide several benefits for any commercial building, often some that are in addition to the problems that are solved.

the Benefits of Applying Frosted Window Film in Melbourne

Frosting windows is a process whereby a thin and translucent film is bonded to existing glass and effectively changes the nature and appearance of that glass. This provides a large number of benefits.

1. Privacy. Whilst windows allow natural light in and give the ability to see out, they also let others see in. This can be too intrusive, particularly for premises that are next to public rights of way and can mean people see things you don’t want them to be too aware of.

Depending on the type of glass frosting you choose for your window, the film can prevent anyone seeing in while still allowing a view of the outside. Alternatively, you can apply a film that will obstruct the view of unsightly features outside your property. All types will still allow natural light to penetrate so the interior remains bright and are often a much better solution than curtains and blinds that block the light, require maintenance and cleaning, and won’t last as long.

2. Heat Loss and Gain. Solar window film can reject up to 78% of solar heat so that your premises stay cool through the day and retain heat at night. As well as making your property much more comfortable to work in, the cost of air conditioning is reduced significantly during the summer months while heating bills are much lower during cooler weather. The amount of glare coming through the windows is also much lower so that display screens are clearer to see, and work is easier

3. Ultraviolet and Infrared Light. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) and infrared elements that are harmful for people and property. As well as skin problems for humans, they cause furnishings to fade and damage other items such as photographs. Office window frosting can block out around 99% of harmful rays and reduce the amount of damage caused to interior furniture and fittings.

The degree of fading will depend on the type of film you install and will not be totally prevented since UV radiation only causes 40-60% of fading. The rest is due to a combination of factors that include poor quality dyes, misuse, humidity and chemical vapours in the air, artificial lighting and solar energy, although the latter is also reduced by frosting windows.

4. Safety and Security. Although not primarily marketed as a security product, window film can prevent commercially sensitive items being seen. It also bonds to the glass and therefore makes it less likely to shatter, reducing the risk of flying fragments when the glass is hit or damaged by a storm.

5. Stylish Appearance. Window film comes in a wide variety of colours, styles and finishes so you can choose one that fits in nicely with your décor. Best of all, since we provide custom window frosting, we can create exactly the design you want.

6. Long Life and Low Maintenance. All our window film bonds securely to the glass, is waterproof and resistant to scratches. It’s extremely easy to keep clean, much easier to maintain than curtains or blinds, and can be kept hygienic and smear-free with a simple wipe.

Considerations when Choosing Office Window Frosting

There are numerous, styles, colours and types of window film to choose from. Aside from making sure you get the best quality, there are other points to consider:

the type of glass you have since certain window films are more suitable for particular kinds of glass; some can suffer thermal stress breakage in extreme conditions, for example, when solar control film is fitted although tempered glass doesn’t suffer in this way

if your glass points directly at the sun during the hottest part of the day, in which case thermal properties are important and a darker film may be appropriate to absorb more heat

the amount of light you want to let in since reducing glare may also limit light penetration and you may need to balance the two

Office window frosting can provide all sorts of benefits, but you’ll only achieve maximum gains if you consider your needs, choose the best and most suitable window film and ensure it’s installed correctly. We can help you do all that since we’re involved from the initial enquiry right through to final fixing and advice on after-care.

Experience the Benefits of Window Frosting with LF Signs

Whether a new build or retrofitting to existing windows, whether it’s for internal or external signage, our window frosting will provide a modern and sleek look that will enhance your business. Added to the savings from reduced heating and cooling costs, the avoidance of fading to furnishings and the greater level of privacy and comfort that are provided, and the fitting of window film is an affordable and cost-effective process you can’t do without. Read Less

Services Include

LF Sign Group provides onsite installation and expert advice for both privacy and decorative frosting

We service a range of window frosting needs, including: Domestic Office or Commercial Frosting Retail or Corporate Branding Custom Designs We use the most trusted brands of window films available to ensure our product quality is second to none. With an eye for detail and competitive prices, all backed by our full warranty, LF Sign Group provides first-class window frosting film & Signage Melbourne.

To compliment your windows checkout or Wallskin & Wall graphics page for ideas & get those creative juices flowing for your next project!.

If Your Signage Isn’t Perfect
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We are passionate and committed to producing the highest quality signage for our customers. Unlike other signage companies, we take pride in our work and understand how a poorly designed and installed sign can harm your business. In the extremely unlikely event there’s a problem with our installation or you aren’t happy with the signage, we’ll come out and fix it promptly and without fuss. Free of charge. No questions asked.

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Are you looking at breathing some life into your business with some state-of-the-art business signage? Get in touch with one of our highly experienced Signage Specialists today and they’ll show you how you can make your business stand out from the crowd while making you and your employees proud to work for such a professional business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive fixed-price quote for your signage so that you don’t ever have to deal with hidden costs or fees later down the track
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Plus, we’ll give you insider tips and tricks we’ve shared with the likes of Adidas, Sheridan, Mitsubishi Australia and 100’s more to take your signage to the next level and squeeze out every last cent of value.

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