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Elevate Your Image And Bring Your Vision To Life With Premium Business Signage

Want to make your business stand out from the rest? Then you need premium signage that gives you a sense of class and professionalism. At LF Sign Group we make custom signage that stamps your brand on the world and transforms your business into a vibrant, modern space with a unique twist.

We have over 25 years’ experience creating indoor signs, outdoor signs and vehicle wraps for small businesses, large enterprises and everything in between. Our service is completely end-to-end – consultation, design, fabrication and installation – we handle everything from start to finish.
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Rebrand Signs Melbourne

A truly effective, dynamic brand is something that is difficult for many businesses to get right, but it’s imperative for success. Powerful branding is recognised instantly, because of the emotions and recognition that customers associate with it.

When we talk about branding, we are talking about the emotions that your company elicits in an audience. It’s how your clients see your business and how it can add value to their lives. It isn’t just your products, your logo, and design or customer service – it’s a combination of all of these that form the core of your business.

What Is Rebranding and Why Is It Important

Naturally whenever there is talk about branding, there will also be talk about rebranding. Many companies struggle to get their branding on-point the first time around and as such they go through a transformation like rebranding signs and image to try and shift audience perceptions.

Rebranding means changing your brand message to better align with business needs and target audience. Rebranding is essential for companies that have struggled the first time around, but it isn’t an easy process so careful planning and consideration needs to go into the process.

As your company evolves, your customer base may evolve too and even if your brand message was right for when you started – it could be time to better align your message with your new business goals. These are the reasons why rebranding is important:

  • It targets your new/evolving audience: As your business grows and evolves, it’s likely that your audience will too. Rebranding allows you to correctly target your new or bigger audience.
  • It shows how you have grown: Rebranding is a great way to make customers and competitors aware that you have grown and scaled as a business.
  • It is better aligned to new business goals: As you grow your business goals change, and with this needs to come new targets. Rebranding better aligns your company image with your new business goals.
  • Increases awareness: Rebranding is often better than the original, and if your do it right then you’ll increase awareness about your brand.
  • Attracts new customers: If you rebrand, you’ll have to do rebranding of signs, image, voice and much more – this new look and feel is bound to attract new customers.
  • Builds up reputation and trust: Visibility is important, as is telling your story. Rebranding correctly will help put your business on the map and clients will be more likely to trust you.

Rebranding Signs

An important aspect to remember when you are rebranding your business is to rebrand your indoor office signage and outdoor business sign and other marketing material. At LF Sign Group we have creative rebrand sign makers that will sit with you and learn more about your business and your new goals before putting something together that aligns with your new look and feel. Between us we have 50 years of experience in the industry and we only use state of the art technology to create bright, bold, eye-catching signs that reflect your brand’s image! Contact us today and we can help with all our rebranding signs.

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icon We Design, Supply And Install A Wide Range Of Custom Signage For Melbourne Businesses

If you can dream it, we can do it. We provide every kind of signage you can think of. From basic outdoor boards and illuminated 3D signs, to vehicle vinyl wraps and interior displays – we can help. We can bring your dream to life or you can have us design something entirely new, it’s up to you.

Indoor Signage

Interior signage makes a huge impression on your customers. You can instantly make them feel calm and comfortable, knowing they’re in professional space. You can have eye-catching signage such as wall wraps, front desk signage and displays which reinforce your brand, engage customers or even give them directions.

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signs are essential for any business. It’s how staff and customers find your business in the first place. The right exterior signs make your building outshine everything else in the street. It’s 24/7 advertising that captures the attention of the public and strikes fear into the hearts of your competitors.

Fleet And Corporate Vehicles

Have fleet of trucks or corporate vehicles? You are letting an enormous opportunity slip away by not fitting them with branded vinyl wraps and decals. We can make custom signage for your fleet so you constantly burn your brand into the minds of the public when your vehicles are on the road! National service, Australia wide.

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Beautiful Signage For Small Businesses, Corporate Offices And Everything In Between

Whether you’re a tiny boutique retailer, a multi-national corporation or anything in between – we have the tools and knowledge to help you. You can have us customise new signage for your shop, revamp your office space or fit out your newly acquired building with your established branding.

Experience With Some Of the Biggest Brands In Australia And The World

Whether you’re a tiny boutique retailer, a multi-national corporation or anything in between – we have the tools and knowledge to help you. You can have us customise new signage for your shop, revamp your office space or fit out your newly acquired building with your established branding.

Why Choose LF Sign Over The Rest?

At LF Sign, we are committed to bringing you premium-quality, custom signage with first class customer service. Unlike our competitors, you’ll be treated with the respect you deserve from start to finish. We pride ourselves on timely service and use fixed price quotes so you know what your investment is from the beginning.

  • 25+ Years’ Experience

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • ASGA Member

  • Fixed-Price Quotes

  • 200+ Clients

  • 5-Star Google Rating

  • End To End Project Management

  • National Rollouts

Everyone Loves LF Signs…

LF Signs Breathes New Life Into Your Business


If Your Signage Isn’t Perfect
We’ll Fix It For Free

We are passionate and committed to producing the highest quality signage for our customers. Unlike other signage companies, we take pride in our work and understand how a poorly designed and installed sign can harm your business. In the extremely unlikely event there’s a problem with our installation or you aren’t happy with the signage, we’ll come out and fix it promptly and without fuss. Free of charge. No questions asked.

Get Started Today With Your Free Fixed-Price Quote And Get That Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors

Get in touch with our highly experienced Signage Specialists today. We’ll show you how to make your business stand out from the crowd while making you and your employees proud to work for such a professional business.

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