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Unique Alucobond Signage for Great Australian Businesses

LF Signs does more than just deliver cheap and generic shop signs. It’s too easy to produce the same old signs and charge top dollar for it, and we don’t think it offers Australian businesses the advantage they need to get ahead. That’s why we create unique, custom alucobond signage for customers all over Australia.

We create signage that attracts attention and represents the quality and purpose of your brand. Our team of expert and talented designed work with you to create a design you love, and we then use the best manufacturing processes to ensure a high-quality finish. For alucobond panels and amazing shop signage in Australia, LF Signs is your best bet!

What is Alucobond?

Alucobond is a popular material for use in signage because it is durable, long-lasting, and it looks great. It is a light aluminium composite. It is two sheets of metal with a polyethlene core, meaning it is fire resistant, it can withstand the elements when used outside, and it provides depth to signage without making it heavy and difficult to install.

We offer a range of alucobond cladding and panels for use on the outside of commercial properties, and our skilled designers can utilise this material in amazing ways.

‘LF Sign Group offer a range of quality materials suitable for a wide range of applications, including those projects requiring recladding retrofitting or rectification works for existing LED signage on buildings that are required to meet the new regulations.’

Recladding Signage – a Wise Choice:

In the current building environment, recladding options have quickly become a necessity for compliance and insurance purposes. More and more, local authorities are demanding that non-compliant cladding materials are replaced with a non-combustible façade to meet the stringent Australian Standard, AS1530.1.

We use premium solid aluminium panels that offer a streamlined pathway of compliance to the 2019 NCC as they are certified non-combustible to AS1530.1 under clause C1.9(e)(v) of the National Construction Code (NCC).

Safe and fully compliant with the NCC, Non-combustible panels offer a fire performance solution without compromising design & is the ideal product for recladding or rectification works where a non-combustible solution is required.

The excellent fire properties make it ideal for hospitals, education, airports, hotels and residential care facilities.

What's the Alternative?

should you require No aluminium composite panel or materials We recommend Colorbond or Solid Aluminium panels which have none of the above compliance issues & stand the test of time in durability & compliance.

LF sign group have the experience and know-how to take care of any of your updated compliance requirements including sign removal, sign repurposing or relocation, traffic management, footpath and council permits, building an engineering permits.

We Really Care About Your Business

We set ourselves apart as a provider of signage because we really care about Australian businesses. We’ve seen a succession of new signwriters appear in recent years who offer extremely generic signs to companies looking for the cheapest deal, and we don’t think it should work like that.

LF Signs has a team of qualified and experienced artists and signwriters in Melbourne are our disposal. We work with all of our customers to ensure that every sign really stands out from the crowd, making it easier for you to sell your products and services in a competitive marketplace. Our staff have a combined experience of more than 50 years, so it’s no wonder we have a long list of clients across Australia who are delighted with the work we’ve offered.

From design and manufacturing to installation at your property, we cover all aspects of signage in Australia, and our team is always at hand to offer advice and support.

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