LED Display Screens Melbourne

Don't Let The Digital Age Pass You By, LED Screens, Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition Devices. The New Norm For All Businesses.

Statistics show that digital signage can be more effective than traditional indoor office signage and outdoor signage in Melbourne. They can attract more viewers, create a higher recall rate and result in an increase in sales.
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Directional & Information Signs have previously meant using static signage to get the message across.

Many of these are now being superseded by LED displays & Digital signage systems because they offer much more flexibility in any organisation.

Applications & Products Include:

  • Healthcare & Medical facilities
  • Shopping centre interiors & retail stores
  • Directional & wayfinding signage
  • Office Building foyers, Reception areas, Training rooms & Boardrooms
  • Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition
  • Occupancy Counting Screens & Wireless People Counters

Providing an unmatched customer experience by collaborating with our clients every step of the way, we enable the freedom to create unique digital signage solutions.

To find out more about any of our LED displays, Digital signage systems Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition, capabilities, get in touch with our friendly LF Sign Group staff by filling out our contact form below, calling (03) 9708 2025, or through our email, sales@lfsigns.com.au.

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LED Display Screens Melbourne

Whether you’re in the retail or hospitality business, have products or services to promote or simply want to put out up-to-date and relevant information or temperatures check & facial recognition devices & LED screens are the perfect medium. Although more complex than static signs, they offer numerous advantages and are better in many ways than neon and fluorescent signs.

The Benefits of Using LED Screens in Melbourne

  1. Variable hardware. You can obtain screens in a variety of sizes and shapes for both interior and exterior use.
  2. Flexible in use. You can easily incorporate graphics and text of varying colours and sizes. Messages can be changed when required, even scheduled for different days and times, so they provide up-to-date information to relevant people and to one or more screens.
  3. Attention grabbing. Bright lights and coloured text or graphics will attract people’s attention and engage your audience far better than a conventional static sign. LED technology produces brilliant and clear light that is easily seen, even in bright sunlight, and can be read from variable distances. A LED display screen also has consistent brightness, unlike neon or fluorescent versions where individual lights can become dim or fail completely and so reduce the impact of the sign.
  4. Neon and fluorescent lights contain gases that can leak and ultimately lead to failure. LED lights, by contrast, can often provide up to 10,000 hours of use, which equates to a life of five years or more. They work well even in harsh outdoor environments and don’t need protection from the weather. All in all, this leads to reduced maintenance, which can be particularly important if display screens are mounted in places that are difficult to access.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Our custom LED signs in Melbourne use around 80% less power than neon equivalents and put out much less heat, so cooling costs are reduced when used indoors. Combined with their longer life and absence of harmful gases, they are much better for the environment.
  6. Reduced handling. With no tubes, LED signs are thinner and lighter than neon or fluorescent. That means they’re easier to install, cheaper to transport and can be manoeuvred into tight spaces.

Making Best Use of a LED Display Screen in Melbourne

At LF Signs, we’ll make sure you gain the best possible advantage from your LED display. We’ll establish exactly what you want to achieve with a high quality signage, determine the information that needs to be imparted and design and manufacture your display accordingly.

Why You Should Install LED Displays in Melbourne

By displaying dynamic messages that are specifically targeted at your audience, you’ll provide the information they need and improve your performance as a result. To do that, you need to get their attention, which LED screens are capable of doing. For proven results, especially when competition is fierce, LED displays will be far more effective than a static version every time and will quickly recoup your initial investment.Read Less

Services Include

LF Sign Group believe in a safe & healthy workplace:

For light box signage Melbourne companies can rely on, use our contact form below, call LF Sign Group on (03) 9708 2025, or email us at sales@lfsigns.com.au.

If Your Signage Isn’t Perfect
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We are passionate and committed to producing the highest quality signage for our customers. Unlike other signage companies, we take pride in our work and understand how a poorly designed and installed sign can harm your business. In the extremely unlikely event there’s a problem with our installation or you aren’t happy with the signage, we’ll come out and fix it promptly and without fuss. Free of charge. No questions asked.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

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  • A step-by-step timeline of the entire process from quote to installation so you aren’t waiting around for days, weeks, even months on end for your finished signage

Plus, we’ll give you insider tips and tricks we’ve shared with the likes of Adidas, Sheridan, Mitsubishi Australia and 100’s more to take your signage to the next level and squeeze out every last cent of value.

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