The ultimate guide to illuminated & 3D signs for your business


I work by few principles to ensure the results speak for itself when working with Illuminated & 3D signage

You’ve probably heard about how illuminated signs get you noticed. Still, like anything, there are many different materials & products available, so how do you know what works best for your project?

After 20 + years in the industry, I work by few principles to ensure the results speak for itself.

Luke’s principles, when engaging any illuminated project:
  • Your brand/logo: (colour, size, shape, position)
  • What finish you’re looking to achieve: (high end, visibility, specific features)
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Access to power
Designing your project
  • Correct use of logos & lettering
  • Colour selection and contrast against the building
  • Maximising visibility both day and night.
  • Choosing the right LED colour to suit your brand.
Types of illuminated signs:
  • 3D letters
  • Halo lit, front-lit or both!
  • Lightboxes (aluminium, acrylic, timber)
  • Pylon signs
  • LED
  • Tubes/globes
  • Neon (traditional or LED)
LED types:
  • Cool white
  • Warm white
  • RGB LEDs

RGB LEDs have flexibility, range of colour & work well to promote special occasions like:

Christmas (red), St Patrick’s Day (green) Pink ribbon day (pink) you get the message!

Ok, so your thinking do I have to know all this stuff to get a sign? No, you don’t I’m just giving you a snapshot of what LF Sign Group consider when producing any Illuminated or 3D signage project.


It comes as no surprise that the complexity to seamlessly fit LED letters to old or new buildings can be a challenge.

Working with architects & builders on new construction, fit-outs and renovations, we provide wiring diagrams & advice to rough-in the wiring before installing the LED letters. Also significantly reduce costs by thousands of dollars.

The below link is a great article on factory & warehouse signage:
We have the experience of producing thousands of LED and 3D signs all over Australia and have an excellent reputation for sound, honest advice & excellent product quality.

Being extraordinarily passionate and proud to build the majority of our LED and 3D letters in-house, which allow us to control quality & production methods to the highest standard.

When the lights are switched on at night, it can be extremely satisfying to see your logo or brand come to life!.

Click the below links to view more 3D illuminated signs & LED projects:

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of illuminated signage contact L F Sign Group today.Phone: (03) 9708 2025


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