Rustic led letters


New meets old, Rustic led letters.

Fabricated led lettering, Using modern techniques to create that aged and uber cool rust effect takes know how and experience on using the right products that will stand the test of time. These letters were fitted with blue LEDs & adds that finishing touch that our fussy client was looking for.

The process of building these Rustic illuminated letters is unique to LF sign group through testing and trailing to achieve outstanding results and durability, With the ability to produce the smallest of letters using a specialized technique that produce a beautiful, super bright led letter that is built to last.

We are trusted by many clients to produce jobs that are not always the norm so the a-team at LF sign group work together and make sure what the client gets exceeds their expectation.

This particular job was produced for Eventpower Port Melbourne & is proudly displayed on the back wall of their newly built facility located just off the westgate bridge, not only giving them great road exposure but look awesome day & night.

As Warren Buffet says “price is what you pay & value is what you get”

When looking to push your brand to the next level contact LF Sign Group and get that finish you deserve!!.

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