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“Road-map to Re-opening”

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    Dining ‘space bubbles’ might be the solution to your al fresco dining.

    Interested in immediate outdoor dining options for the Melbourne weather?

    Purchase the latest Dining Pods & Bubble tents here.

    Dining 'space bubbles'

    To support our community and local business as they re-open and expand dining footprints outside, LF Sign Group has developed affordable and rapidly deployable signage, easily configured to the needs of your business.

    Customised COVID Safe Solutions:

    Bubble Tents & Dining Pods, Cafe Barriers & A-frames / Umbrellas & Marquees / Sanitiser Stations & Stands

    -Safety & Pedestrian Barriers / Temperature Screening Kiosks / Directional Signage (Wall & Floor Arrows)

    -Ground Markings & Social Distancing Stickers / Posters (Wash Your Hands & Personal Hygiene) / Sneeze Guards & Protection Screens 

    -Banners, Posters, Flags, Promo Signage / Traffic & Parking Signs / Custom Branded Signage

    Helpful links to Government Grants:

    The Victorian Government is investing $58 million into the Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package to help businesses prepare for COVID Normal by creating safe outdoor dining spaces.

    Eligible businesses can apply for a grant of $5,000 to pay for practical things like umbrellas, outdoor furniture, screens and other equipment like signage which will help the indoor dining and cafe experiences.

    View more OH&S & Safety Signage Packages Here:


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    Displaying clear and correct social distancing stickers in cafes & restaurants premises is essential to help businesses prepare for COVID Normal by creating safe outdoor dining spaces. Failing to do so will result in heavy penalties so you need to ensure that proper, high quality signage is displayed.

    The Different Categories of OHS Signs & COVID Safe Signage for Melbourne Cafes and Restaurants

    The correct layout of signs for Social Distancing and Safety(OHS) is set by Australian Standard AS1319. This sets out six types of OHS signs:

    1. Prohibition signs are classed as safety signs and set out what people should do, such as not smoking in a prohibited area or not entering a restricted zone. They show a red circle with a red diagonal line on a white background and with black lettering and a black symbol.
    2. Mandatory signs also fall into the safety category but state what must happen, such as the need to wear personal protective equipment. These signs have a blue circular background with white letters and symbols, This is the new compliance required for COVID safe signage victoria.
    3. COVID safe signage ensures potentially life-threatening transmissions are avoided between the public & staff. The word ‘DANGER’ is shown in capitals together with a description of the specific hazard. They are on a red oval within a black rectangle.
    4. Please wait here signs are for indication the appropriate distance people need to keep. The Cafe Barriers are black with white lettering & utilise sandbags in window conditions.
    5. Sneeze Guards & Protection Screens are provided to keep patrons apart, which will help businesses follow Government Guidelines & Create Compliant, Safe Outdoor Dining Spaces. Indoor dining and cafes require Customised Signage Solutions To Cover Continued Social Distancing Policies & Occupancy Constraints.As Victorians love to move outdoors & Floor stickers with Non-slip laminate consist of bright red background colour & please wait here in white, bold type ensure customers adhere to correct social distancing guidelines required when outdoor dining, A clear perspex screen provides protection against droplets in the air & make a majority of the protection compliance when eating outdoors.
    6. Temperature Screening Kiosks & Directional Signage Wall & Floor Arrows have white arrows on a red background. They show the location of entry & exit points for most businesses complying with COVID safe signage vic.

    Ensuring Your business is Compliant for Outdoor dining & meets the Government Guidelines for hospitality’s road map to recovery

    All COVID 19 signs in Melbourne need to comply with Government Guidelines & business COVID Safe Plans &
    Signage to ensure their social distancing policies and occupancy constraints are meet. In order to do this, and to ensure you have adequate COVID-19 signage for Melbourne Cafe’s & Restaurants, Outdoor dining, Bubble tents & Pop Up Gazebos are the latest coronavirus-era restaurant trend along with having branded cafe barriers, outdoor umbrellas & social distancing stickers.

    The available space have to be considered to be sure the signs can be read, as has the distance from which they are likely to be viewed. For every entry point, sanitiser stations & temperature screening kiosks will ensure your tracking & tracing customers, allow cafe barriers & A-frames to guide customers in & out of your store.

    The Importance of Displaying Clear COVID Safe Signage for Cafes and Restaurants in Melbourne

    Compliance with Melbourne COVID 19 signage regulations for safety & social distancing signs is important, not only because a failure to comply can result in heavy fines. Even more important is the fact that missing or inadequate office signage can cause outbreaks for employees and visitors, resulting in even heavier penalties, a loss of production and a failing in company management. With our help and advice, you can ensure you’re adequately covered, and your workforce will be much safer.
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    Services Include

    LF Sign Group provides onsite installation and expert advice for both privacy and decorative frosting

    We service a range of frosting needs, including: Domestic Office or Commercial Frosting Retail or Corporate Branding Custom Designs We use the most trusted brands of window films available to ensure our product quality is second to none. With an eye for detail and competitive prices, all backed by our full warranty, LF Sign Group provides first-class window frosting film & Signage Melbourne.

    To compliment your windows checkout or Wallskin & Wall graphics page for ideas & get those creative juices flowing for your next project!.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Depending on size & complexity generally between 7 – 21 working days, production time is approximate and does not begin until after the artwork proof has been approved.

    Each sign is unique so understanding what type of sign to best suit your project is the first step:
    What is the sign for, Where is it going, How do you see it? We are known for “Ideas” & “out of the box thinking” so don’t worry if your not entirely sure, we are here to do what we do best!.

    Please send your logo & artwork by email (under 10mb) to or via FTP (over 10mb) using Dropbox, Google Drive, One drive.

    We manufacture all kinds of signs imaginable, interiors & exteriors signs, 3D, illuminated & led, wall images & graphics, window frosting, fleet & vehicle graphics, sign removal, relocation, refurbishing, office fit-outs & company re-brands, general painting & repair work.

    We have a highly creative team of graphic designers to bring you project to life weather you are
    starting from scratch or a multinational corporation.

    LF sign group can handle working across multiple sites & in most states of Australia & New Zealand. All signage is manufactured at our Melbourne headquarters to ensure quality & consistency then shipped out to our network of “Preferred Installers”.

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    We are passionate and committed to producing the highest quality signage for our customers. Unlike other signage companies, we take pride in our work and understand how a poorly designed and installed sign can harm your business. In the extremely unlikely event there’s a problem with our installation or you aren’t happy with the signage, we’ll come out and fix it promptly and without fuss. Free of charge. No questions asked.

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    Plus, we’ll give you insider tips and tricks we’ve shared with the likes of Adidas, Sheridan, Mitsubishi Australia and 100’s more to take your signage to the next level and squeeze out every last cent of value.

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