Medical Signs

Medical Signs

As a medical practice, doctor’s room, hospital, dentist, physiotherapist or any other medical professional, you will have a constant flow of patients, employees, sales people and insurance personnel in and out your premises every day. Your medical facility is a business like any other company and you and your employees serve your patients every day, just like other service industry businesses.

That being said, the medical industry very seldom advertises quite like other businesses, and we find many practices lack decent branding & marketing techniques, and struggle as an effect of this. One of the most effective ways to create awareness around your medical practice is by using creative and attractive medical signage.

Indoor Wayfinding and directional signs make more of a tangible difference to your medical practice than most people believe. Many patients are nervous of medical centres for one reason for another, and having clear signs directing them to the right place will help them to find their way calmly and without fuss.

Nameplates also help give your medical professionals a more approachable air and patients will know which door they should knock on for their appointment. At LF Sign Group we also specialise in high-end signmaking for medical practices and we are proud to offer innovative solutions for your reception areas, meeting rooms and boardrooms. Out window film and privacy frosting will give your medical practice a sleek, professional aesthetic that will attract more business for your business.

These can help passers-by take more notice of your property, as well as direct patients on where they need to go. This is all part of the customer experience, and as medical signage professionals, we’ve seen the tangible difference that signs can make in 100’s of practices throughout australia.

Treat you medical practice like any other business by doubling your marketing efforts and you will be more successful in attracting new clients.

How Medical Signs Can Help Your Practice

As with any other business, your brand image is at the core of your success. Your brand is an ambassador for your medical practice and it should reflect what your business stands for and promotes its medical products. A good brand image doesn’t just sell your products, however, it also helps you connect to your customers; it promotes your values, credibility and your promises.

When you’re planning your brand image, you need to ensure that you have a logo that resonates with your company. You need one that stands out amongst others in the medical industry, while still making it clear what it is that you do.

What Medical Signs Can We Help You With?

At LF Sign Group we operate in three main areas of signage:

  • Outdoor signage: You only have seconds to grab the attention of your customers and you need to have eye-catching, bold signage outside your practice to get new clients. Architecture signs, pylon signs and building wraps are just some of the outdoor signs we specialise in.
  • Indoor signage: We can help you kit out your practice with incredible reception signs, logos, privacy frosting, window film, Wall murals and branding within the premises.
  • On the road signage: We do medical signs and branding on fleets and corporate vehicles australia wide.

Why Choose LF Sign Group?

  • Experience: Having worked on 100s of projects including Hospitals, Day surgery, specialists, Private & community health organizations, we have the know how & experience to recommend the best ROI on your advertising spend.
  • Great Designs: At LF Sign Group, we have amazing signwriters and designers that are known for creating bold, unique designs for our clients that attract customers. They are eye-catching and stand out from the crowd.
  • Technology: When you use LF Sign Group for your medical signage, you are guaranteed state-of-the-art signs using the latest technology.
  • Full installation and removal: Other than telling us where you want your signs, you can sit back and relax – we do all the installation and removals for you.
  • National Service: Ability to handle roll outs Australia wide to ensure brand consistency & quality of product in each & every state.

Contact us at LF Sign Group today for all your signage needs.