eddi is a new biz on the block and starting strong with energy and vision about their new company.

They wanted their office to reflect the company’s brand and image.

I mean, you can’t BE awesome if you don’t LOOK awesome – right?

Their new office reception area included a large blank wall; a blank canvas to express their business message and give personality to the office.

They were faced with three options:

1) put a logo, 2) hang a nice photo or 3) ask our advice.

eddi already had some bold ideas but didn’t know how to push the boundaries in office signage to create something different.

They chose option #3 and called us because we DO know how to use signage to achieve outstanding results.

After an initial onsite consultation to review the area, measure, test and discuss their ideas and vision; we recommended a signage solution with impact and a synergy with their, web, social media & print advertising: an LF Signs full colour wallskin with an awesome background image and 3D logo for maximum effect.

The wallskin alone was a bold statement but the implementation of the 3D logos gave eddi that high end look only the heavy weights of the business world consider, not only did it create that wow factor to anyone entering the office it also had the staff talking about how good it looked & genuinely improved the mood around the office.

We even created a video to show how we produced the job. From start to finish it shows how much impact the wallskin alone creates with a final snapshot with the 3D logos. Click here to watch the video!..

A special thank you to the marketing team @ eddi , this project was awesome.

Contact LF signs to find out how a wallskin & 3D reception signage can make your business LOOK awesome too.

Reception wall branding


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