LED signage that looks this good..


LED signage offers huge benefits that is simply unmatched by many other signage solutions.

Be it outdoor 3D lettering or indoor reception signage LED illumination speaks volumes about the company’s willingness to invest in their company brand and desire to communicate effectively that they mean business.

In this day & age “perception” is everything & it pays to look your best yet with all the benefits of LED signage, but they are still a significant investment for any business.

We work with companies every day to help them recognise an LED sign purchase as an advertising expenditure, rather than a capital investment.

The options available are varied & comes down to a few key points:

  1. Initial meeting: Desired outcome or overall look to be achieved.
  2. Creating the client brief: Working within the company brand or style guide.
  3. Site survey: providing recommendations considering the proposed area, space & suitable size.
  4. Recommendation: Finish, color & type of illumination: front lit, edge lit or halo lit.
  5. How & When: Installation method & lead-time for completion of the project.

Every business is unique & its important that anyone working with your brand understands the wants, needs & ideas you have to make it a truly exceptional project.

Below are some images of a large LED fabricated project produced for Eventpower Solutions

With a standout location on the back of a major melbourne freeway they called for something modern at night but rustic & cool during the day.

As you can see the results are well, awesome… These were fabricated from acrylic & then coated with a special “rust finish” to give it that aged look without compromising the durability & finish of the letters.

As we say “passion + creativity = exceptional results”.

If your driving over the westgate bridge (Port Melbourne end) you can’t miss it.

Contact LF Sign Group on (03) 9708 2025 or email us at sales@lfsigns.com.au.

LF Sign Group.

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